Jeram Glami

State Negeri Sembilan
LocationGlami Lemi, Titi,Jelebu
Coordinates and map 3.03782, 102.02635
Water SourceSg. Glami, Natural Stream
Waterfall ProfileLow Height Cascade Falls
AccessibilityTrekking, ~1.5hours

Jeram Glami is a short & wide 2-tier cascade fall. The top section features gentle cascades with small soaking pools that flows down to a larger pool. This river is still recovering from the devastating floods back in Dec 2021. Many sections of the river are piled up with log debris and there are landslides at sections of the riverbank causing water quality to be murky as well.

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Jeram Glami Scene

Head to Titi town as the landmark and proceed to Pusat Penyelidikan Perikanan Air Tawar FRI. Heading from Kuala Klawang town the access junction is on the left before Titi(refer image 1). There is a bridge before the research institute. The trail is on the right before the bridge(refer image 2). Plenty of parking spots here as there is a wide road reserve.

The clear jungle trail is about 1.6km and leads to the river. The rest of the way is river trekking on the shallow riverbed.

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Image 1.

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Image 2.

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River Trekking

Detailed photos of the falls.
Nothing found upriver despite river trekking another 1.2km.

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Top Tier Scene

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Top Left Scene

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Top Right Scene

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Lower Right Scene

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
~Thank you~

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Jeram Glami : No information available

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety