Gapok Falls

State Selangor
LocationKg. Paya Lebar, Hulu Langat
Coordinates and map 3.15560, 101.93082
Water SourceMountain Stream
Waterfall Profile11 Falls, 3-Tiered Main Fall

This waterfall series has a total of 11 waterfall spots with a few interesting cascades along the way. Gapok Fall, the 6th fall in sequence is the tallest of them all with 3 tiers. From the ground level, only 2 tiers of the waterfall is visible.

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Gapok Fall

Access to the falls is from the same entrance of Lawing Falls. Low height sedan cars may have to to park outside the trail near the fish pond. Vehicles with higher ground clearance can take a left turn and proceed into the narrow double track trail. About 1.8km in, there will be a tarred clearing on the left with a small hut before the small bridge. Park here and proceed by foot.

2 Trail Entries

The fast trail goes directly to Gapok fall, which takes about 35mins and bypassing the many scenic waterfall spots downriver. At the bridge take a left and go uphill, following the Lawing/Gng. Hitam trail. About 15mins in, there is a clear forked path. Take the right trail that treks along the ridge to Gapok Fall.

The river trail takes about 1 hour plus in total to reach Gapok. It's far more technical but passes many scenic landmarks. At the bridge, take a right that heads down to a private homestay/orchard. Follow this path down and on your left there is an entry trail. Follow this trail and you will arrive at the left of the river.
Keep left once reaching the river and on your left there is a river side trail that follows the water pipe. Follow this and you will pass 2 water tanks for filtration. One of them is bone dry while the second is constantly overflowing.

Noteworthy falls along the "River Route"

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1st Fall

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2nd Fall

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4th Fall

Upriver of Gapok Falls, there are 5 more waterfall spots. Some are pictured below.

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7th Fall

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9th Fall

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Final 11th Fall

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