Perting Pandak Falls / Lata Hammer

State Pahang
LocationBatu 7, off Route 68 Jln Gombak/Karak Lama
Coordinates and map 3.45661, 101.86414
Water SourceSg. Perting Pandak, Natural River
Waterfall ProfileChute Fall w/Pool & Sandbank
AccessibilityTrekking, <1 hour

Lata Hammer or also known as Perting Pandak Falls is a popular waterfall spot among recreational circles that features a large deep pool with a wide sandbank that is reminiscent of a "beach". The attraction of the waterfall also comes with a dark past with several recorded cases of drowning stretching as far back as 2013 (link) to the most recent on record in 2022. (link) There have also been unfortunate incidents involving overnight campers where a tree fell and killed 2 visitors.(link)

Visitors are advised to practice extreme caution when visiting this waterfall and pre-check the weather ahead on the day of the hike. There will be a river crossing right at the end of the trail and the massive amount of water gushing down will cause strong currents that may overwhelm even the best swimmers. The straight forward and relatively easy trail makes this waterfall suitable for beginners to visit in a group.

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Lata Hammer

Head to the junction access road via the old state road Route 68 of either Bentong or Bukit Tinggi exit. The junction access road is right beside a bridge.(Image 1) The road condition inside is unpaved and bumpy. Low sedan cars may struggle to get around the poor road conditions especially in the wet. There is no parking space at the start of the hiking trail so large group of visitors should park further out by the river shelters where families tend to visit for a picnic by the riverside. Park without obstructing the only access road in and out of the area.

Continue on foot and pass the Rock Forest Chalet and finally at Kebun Ayah Resort, there is a junction trail to the left with waterfall signposted.(Image 2) Follow this junction and cross the river via the metal bridge. The jungle trail is clear and stay on the main path that hikes upriver from the left of the stream. There is 2 junctions down to the stream. An earlier right exit (following the water pipes) will likely follow a trail closer to the river that ends at the waterfall.(Image 3) The later junction (with signpost) will require a steep decent down the slope between trees roots assisted by rope handrails. (Image 4)

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Image 1

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Image 2

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Image 3

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Image 4

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The Hammer waterfall in all its beauty

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A recent photo Nov 2023

A vague trail to the right of the fall leads to the upper fall, which is more modest, but also has a nice pool. Drowning cases have happened at this level. Do NOT dive into the pool precariously.

Visitors who are interested with other waterfalls in the region can visit the smaller falls that are located on the same trail. An unnamed small fall and Guroh Fall are located on the tributary streams. The trail to these less known falls are vague and should not be attempted by beginners.

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Upper Hammer Fall

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Unnamed small fall
(3.45398, 101.86813)

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Guroh Fall
(3.45311, 101.87387)

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean. Thank you~

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Lata Hammer : Permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

haziq 22-10-2013
Went there for camping twice, on first trip is the day where we were leaving and the drown case group arrived. video :
Fahzan Aziz 03-06-2013
just for the information, sentiasa beringat.
ZUL SALLEH 26-02-2013
I was there frm 22nd till 24th Feb 2013. Awesome eventhough its killing me. My last jungle trekking was in 1996. Alhamdulillah ... with His blessing, I have finally reached the destination through different obstacles. The journey takes 1 hour to 3 times a break journey. Trekking very tiring but disappeared when looking at the waterfall with very cold water when crossing to the campground. The waterfall height approximately about 6 meters with a fierce roaring sound.
Fahzan Aziz 24-01-2013
one of my favourite waterfall, camp site limited tapi cukup untuk 20-30 pax satu-satu camp site. kami ada tanam pokok-pokok macam cili api, serai dan kunyit, tak taula apa jadik. sayang, banyak sampah ditinggalkan, marilah bersama keluarkan sampah-sampah yang tak patut, sakit matala weh. kalau mau pergi, silalah call-call nombol saya, 017-2777147.
alitosfera 23-09-2012
been there last year. Its a nice place for camping. But the campsite is really limited. Trekking is not so hard as there is a clear path. But,need to cross the river first to get in that path.
anaklaut 09-02-2012
salam....blh bg no contct guide klu nak g kat lata hummer no phne saya 0122647604( apai )...blh msg@call saya
jack 07-02-2012
ada ikan kelah tak area sini.. :D
Dick 08-11-2011
At this time of year, Perting falls was not difficult to find or get to. I was able to drive on the dirt road to the Perting Valley camp with my intrepid Myvi, although there are some side roads so one may need to ask directions. The correct road takes you over a small bridge and then along a road with basic concrete and corrugation. You can park by the Perting Valley camp. Walk about 200 meters on a bare dirt escarpment with lots of water pipes, and you will see a flat area of the river where you will see the path on the other side. Water was about crotch (pardon the expression) deep. The hike to the falls took 45 minutes, and there are a few A4 size signs someone put up at the bends in the path. With its sandy beach, this is anice place for an overnight. Might need a parang in case of new obstructions on the path.
Roger 13-03-2011
Uphill River Crossing We made our first trip yesterday. We saw two hikers were waiting at the crossing. They told us that it was their first trip. We saw there wasn’t any spot we could cross the river as most parts were deep and the water was strong perhaps due to earlier rain. We decided to proceed hiking the trail next to the river. Just a short distance, the two hikers managed to catch up with us. Just then, they spotted their friends across the river. Their friends came down to help their crossing. We decided not to follow them, we proceeded further up, looking for a shallow crossing. After about 20 minutes, we hit the end of the trail. We decided to check out the camp site which we had passed by earlier. My instinct told me that it must be used by campers from the resort and there must be a river crossing. This part of river was not strong and shallower. We made our crossing at the most shallow part and walked beside the river up to a spot, about 20 feet away which had a much gentle slope for us to climb up. Upon reaching the top of the slope which was about 20 feet high, we could not see any visible trail. I told my friend if you could make our way 100 feet perpendicular to the river we should able to find the main path. As the area was not dense, we could walk through the branches and bushes. Just about 30 feet away, we found some signs that someone had passed thru. Indeed, we saw more signs and markings on trees. We followed a more clear path. A short distance, we finally met the main path. From here another 30 minutes we eventually reached the waterfalls. On our return, we tried the downhill river crossing. But I still prefer our uphill river crossing, less traveled trail.
amin 01-03-2011
Kena lapor diri kt balai polis dulu tak sebelum masuk..?
fazrol46 07-02-2011
kat cni mmg ade tmpt camping.. ade dlm 3/4 campsite yang boleh di dirikn khemah.. terbakkk...:)
ah_chuan86 01-02-2011
kat sini ada teempat camping ke?
fazrol46 31-01-2011
3-6 Feb 2011 ni aku turun perting lg buat kali yg ke-7... kena guide a new team yg nk ke sane.. banyak perubahan yang telah berlaku di perting valley..xmcm dlu² yg aku dtg..pic pon berlainan sangat..please keep update wahai webmaster waterfallsoftmalaysia..huhu..:)
fazrol46 31-01-2011
jln msuk still mcm biase..cuma tmpt parking dh beruubah sedikit.. papa p0n tetap layan perting ni... "mulekan trackking dgn bismillah".. insyaallah selamat...^_^
Brazilianos 19-09-2010
We have been to the falls today. Really a great place and still untouched. The unfinished house became a Camp with a nice garden on the right and some fountain. They are building something up the hill but its better if you park your car at the house area. From the house you need to walk ca. 50 meter up the hill and then take the slope down for the river crossing. If you pay attention you should see the beginning of the trail on the other side of the river. The trail was quite overgrown but still good visible and easy to follow. Someone left some written indication signs on the side of the trail. You should also consider to take some salt with you - there were lots of Leeches. Thanks for the warning with the drowning cases. The water currency is really strong.
amir 03-07-2010
salam..nak bertanya ni ke lokasi lata hammer ni naik 4wd lepas x terus ke waterfall?ke kena park kat luar then trekking ke waterfall 2..thanks..
bossaura 13-01-2010
sendiri mau ingat jangan buat maksiat!!
bossaura 13-01-2010
memang best gile tempat ni... tapi 2 hari lepas 11/01/10 jam 11 pagi kawan saya lemas di tempat ni...kene tarik arus n mayat nya di jumpai next day..mayat tersangkut pada akar pokok di dalam dasar berhati-2..jgn terlalu suke...nanti duka..(advise-bawa tali setiap kali mandi air terjun...test dulu baru terjun...ok)
cma 10-11-2009
best gilerrr beb...airnya sejuk mengalir jernih n bersih. tak sabar nak pergi lagi...tempat yang tenang n aman damai. harap jangan ada yg cuba mencemarinya...tqvm.
Joe 22-08-2009
I met a few of our WS members and they have been here different trips.. and there were near drowning cases as well on each of the trips by these people. On 16th August 2009... A group of visitors to this fall were not as lucky as we person from their group drowned... Check out the news report from Utusan Malaysia:- Be extra careful when u go to this waterfall. Especially on the right side when u are facing the falls... On our trip there 3 months back, we had 5 person near drowning at the same time. We were very very lucky that all was back in one piece. Please BE XTRA CAREFUL!
Joe 24-05-2009
Perting Valley Camp has put up clear signs to the waterfall. U will not miss it. But a warning to all swimmers, beware of branches underneath and the current. Easily trap and may cause drowning. BE EXTRA CAUTION
eugene 07-05-2009
guys.i need a little HELP here.i feel the xcitemnt thru ur experiences n tht doesnt satisfy me i intend to go for a camping there by next week/a week the problem.i just lack of info regarding the there anythg i shud knw?
Riza 07-04-2009
Was informed by a local guide that the name for this fall is actually Air Terjun Perting Pandak. Any inquiries ask Pak Lang 0142906301.
Joe 06-09-2008
I went there with my Waterfall Survivor group members today. The road heading in is ok. but 4WD or cars with higher chassis will be better. It a easy trail in. The descent part is steep but there is rope that u can hold on to it. No rubbish seen all the way in. Unspoilt place. Just keep it that way. If u like waterfall hunting join our group at This is a group that all share the same interest. WATERFALL HUNTING!
HAPPYYEN 27-04-2008
Instructions to the place is very accurate. Today, 4 of us from the BP Guild was there. Yes, the gate was installed. Manage to walk across the river infront of the gate. Beautiful place (good view from the campsite), spoilt by rubbish left behind by uncaring campers.Contact me for more info at
fazrol 21-03-2008
ishk2~ yekeee riza?? napelaa diek uat mcm tuh.. susah la nk seberang sg nnti.. dah kene cr jln len lak.. bod bet la tuan tanah kedaun tuh!!!
Riza 21-03-2008
Bad news, the owner of the farm was seen installing a gate yesterday. Most probably will need to find another place to cross the river. There were 4x4 tracks seen on the trail, which made a mess of the trail.
fazrol 26-02-2008
bln5 nih aku nk g lg..sape nk foloww aku nk camping lageyyy... xpuassss!! bestttt sgt2..
fazrol 25-02-2008
to daud:apelaa..xkan JAIS nk masuk jauh sgt dlm hutan tuh,lata hammers jauh sgt drg org luar,so pandai2 laaa..its ur responsibility..ape2 pon lata hammers the best ever n forever!!btol x alan??
Bryan Mok 18-12-2007
Hi Guys, Planning to go to this Lata Hammer coming Jan 08 due to rainy season, can some one offer direction to look for the trail to descent please, my email
Alix 06-12-2007
Plan to visit the waterfall this weekend. Would appreciate some advise and direction. Email :
Keong 27-11-2007
Hi Zhi name is Keong and I would like to make a trip to the Hammers falls. Since you were the most recent visitor there, can you give me more specific directions on how to get there? My email is
Zhi Hao 27-11-2007
From KL, we took LRT to Titiwangsa, then a bus to Perting (Central Pahang). The bus stopped by the highway and we started trekking inside.
Zhi Hao 27-11-2007
Just went there, 21 boys, quite difficult to reach because we were carrying camping stuffs and equipments.
Alan 15-10-2007
Dear Rick & Tim. Went camping on the 13/10/07. Yes, there was a fallen tree with branches all over the path. We pratically climbed over the obsticle. 3 adults and 4 kids. Not easy, but we made it. It rained at the falls and it was a real tsunami. Good experiend.
Rick 15-10-2007
We tried to visit on 14.10.07. We crossed the river and walked for 25 minutes, but discovered the path was blocked by a fallen tree. Shame, we must have been very close but there was no way past.Still, it was a good walk and we got to swim in the river near the crossing point.
tim 15-10-2007
Visted on 14-10-2007. A very large tree has fallen down hillside and across trail at approx 2km mark from start of walk....unable to get to mark to descend to waterfall...need equipment to clear trail....Tim
rickywong 27-09-2007
hello, everybody.. who can tell me that how do i get to there from KL? need yours help so much....thanks! my email
Alan 19-08-2007
One more thing. Watch out for those little vampires shaped like worms and black. Can someone tell me what happened to the fishes. Man, they r all gone !
Alan 19-08-2007
Went to Hammer today. 4 of us have the whole place to ourselve. The arrow indicator to scramble down is gone. Good, cause less people would fine it. Selfish me ! Well, find it if u can. Still a beautiful falls and a nice beach. Hammer is advisible for experienced trekkers or u r gonna walk round the jungle finding the falls. Good luck.
Hmmlo 27-06-2007
I went to the waterfall with Megat and friends. Unfortunately, we did not find the waterfall at all. I guess that we missed the sign to go down hill after half and hour walk, and we ended up walk further up for three hours. My advice for you all, read the direction to the waterfall carefully.
Megat 25-06-2007
We just went there last weekend. We had a productive walk and a great picnic by the river bank. The high-volumed river was really beautiful and wild. Good place for people looking for a place to getaway from the city and enjoy the unspoiled nature. Watch out for leeches coz there is a lot of blood suckers out there.