Waterfall location: Sarawak

We have visited Assum Waterfalls a number of times but not ventured far beyond the lower falls about half an hour's trek above Kampung Assum. Gawai 2016 a group of kuching waterfall hunters went upstream using ropes to access a stunning waterfall a couple of hours trek further on than most visitors go...ie UPPER ASSUM FALLS ! - a 6 hour return trek from Kpg Assum.. Bring your leech repellant as you will need it...also gloves as about 1/3 of the trek is using fixed ropes.
Photographed by T.T. Chiam & Alyana Chong, Kuching Waterfall Hunters
Date: June 2, 2016

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Contributed by Jay on 2016-05-16


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Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety