Waterfall location: Negeri Sembilan
Jeram Janggut Fall

A waterfall 2 hours walking away from the Kampung OA Langkap at Negeri Sembilan. It has 2 tiers of fall nearby, upper is shown as the photo, lower tier is a vertical fall not suitable for bathing (my friend said it has strong under current which tried to pull him in).

Contributed by Faye Snail-works on 2015-10-01


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liang 10-09-2017
Just visited this waterfall on 1 Sept 2017. to reach the waterfall, few junction must be aware. 1. waze your way to Kampung orang asli Langkap. 2. pass thru kampong langkap and u reach a Y junction then turn left, u will passby dewan raya 3. follow tar road, enter to Oil Palm estate, always keep left. 4. cross small bridge which very narrow, 1 car wide only. after bridge turn left 5. in the oil palm estate, keep left and u will pass another small bridge. 6. After small bridge, u still can drive if u use normal unmodified suv, if u walk then u should hear both left and right is river stream, then u are in collect direction 7. tar road start disappear mix with mud road, then park your car. your left is stream 8. now follow the super obvious 4wd track. sometime u see a clear path but less 4wd passby, although it is just beside river, don't follow. 9. just don't pandai pandai, although some road seem nearer to river but still follow 4wd track. 10. u will ascent steeply and only high 4wd Jeep and pass. 11. remember set your time for 1 hour distance from 1st narrow bridge to reach waterfall. 12. then finally u reach a junction where left turn is very steeply descent. That's right, please turn left, u will hear strong waterfall sound
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Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety