Waterfalls for the whole family

Robinson Waterfalls in Tanah Rata

In the Tanah Rata vicinity there are many jungle walks. Don't allow stories of Jim Thomson, the Silk King, to intimidate you! These walks are on well paved roads about a meters broad meandering through tropical forest edges and cultivated areas. You cannot stray nor confronted by ambiguous junctions and dead ends where dilemmas takes over.

On one end of Trail No 7 is the area of the living quarters for the employees of the Electricity Board.

Here the trail starts with a narrow steel bridge and immediately followed by a path set with interlocking bricks.

Look far at the horizons where the river flows from the living quarters downstream, you will see a silver Tin Shed that marks the water catchments point.

The river was dammed up for the generator. Immediately after the dam is natural cascade. This cascade is not shown here. It is sheer drop of 20 feet over jutted rocks surfaces. From there on, a series of cataracts begins. If you see carefully on the right upper corner of the picture on top, part of the manicured lawn can still be visible!

This is the view of the 3rd cataract pouring over a wide slope. Another branch make its way on the right -hidden

And then the 4th narrow gorge as a low waterfall

Finally the last and the tallest drop. Not visible from the top as it is near vertical fall of 25 meters.

The area around the waterfall is scenic as the beautiful walkways hugging the slope of the ravine. Dramatic with the roar of the waterfall. Beside seeing its presence, there were no suitable spot for picnic or provision for trekking beside the waterways!