Waterfalls for the whole family

Another Recreation park - Lata Belatan

Lata Belantan is easy to find. On the way to Jertih from Setiu, about 20 kilometers from Jertih, a huge signboard along Federal Route 3 will show a turning to the left into the Park! Then a 5 kilometers paved road leads traveler straight almost, but no direction signs at a couple of junctions] after following the beaten trail.

The Lata Belantan Recreational Park is a normal outdoor area with a stream flowing through. During our visit, the so-called waterfall in the Park was reduced to a trickle. Most of the water for the stream had sipped through crevices behind the waterfall and by -passed the regular "Fall" route.

The Park is also well equipped with cafeteria and an office
One extraordinary point worth mentioning is that this is the cleanest recreational area we have seen.

Visitors here utilized the stream as a playing court for volley ball, with water flowing among the legs!

Finally here is the waterfall we were looking for . A couple of trickle of water flowing down the massive rock.

Anyway it will be a low waterfall of about 10 meters tall, if the volume do get large enough