Waterfalls for the whole family

Ever Heard of Gunong Angsi?

Hi!. My name is Khoo , Captain says that you would like to hear my version of the Waterfall!

There is this Park-Ulu Bendol Recreation Park situated at the foot of Gunong Angsi in Negri Sembilan. It is a Public Park. There are facilities like toilets, chalets and even a Sundry shop available.

Right besides or at one edge of the Park runs the River that flows down from Gunong Angsi. Alongside the river a parallel walking tracks that leads hikers up to their favorite Hill.

The Park has also set up a small office here, don’t forget to register. That’s what we did, we registered ourselves with the Park authority before going on to the hiking path.

The track passes through forested area and on that day was lined with a large amount of mushrooms, fungi and ferns.

Just before the track change notoriously uphill, there is this waterfall.

The signboard for the waterfall is at the waterfall area itself. At the Park's entrance, no other signage mention of it presence.

At the bottom of the fall, is a reasonable size pool, suitable for swimming.

 Look I am at the shallow end!

On the portion we tracked, we saw several campsites and all located just beside the river.

The most memorable souvenirs were these gigantic size ferns.


 They are over 10 feet tall

 {not because I am short}

Finally at the peak of the popular Gunong Angsi, we were rewarded with the view of the whole Seremban Town.

Depending how fit you are, budget 2/3 hours for a one way climb!