Waterfalls for the whole family

Relatively unknown-Jeram Kedah

You can reach the small town of Ulu Beranang from Beranang along Federal Route 1or alternatively take the left turn after Semenyih. From this little township, a kilometer out of town (heading north) take the turn off to your right. It is a narrow tarred road that leads you through plantation and estates; the area is significantly planted with sugarcane.

This road services an Orang Asli settlement, Kampong Chelogah. Almost the end of the road, within the cluster of houses, there is a wooden building which serve as the clinic as well as a community hall. You could leave your car here or if you do not mind unpaved track, continue through an ordinary path to cross the Beranang River, from there on into the more remote surroundings. The owner at the end of this path was friendly enough to allow us to leave our car there on the last few occasions.

Start trekking, the path is well trodden by villagers doing cultivation of bananas and collections of jungle produce. Very few local goes to this fall now, the fall previously acted a water collection point.

Cross the river the second time by walking over the water pipe and then follow the trail to the fall.

This waterfall although located in the farm of the local "Orang Asli" is not suitable for the family. First they have to tip toe over this metal water pipe over a ravine, most urban adults would dare to try! Then visitors will have trek up a small slope and down a steep ravine to reach the waterfall.

The waterfall here is about 6 meters tall emptying into a small pool then quickly flow into the larger retention pool.

This first and major waterfall is amidst of a clearing with bananas trees and clean slopes with no undergrowth. 

The edge of the waterfall is artificially dammed up to create a medium size pool. 

However with land opening upstream, the pool was badly silted.

It is possible to do limited trekking to smaller falls behind the major drop. The atmosphere there is idyllic as trees and boulders shadow the small enclosure.

Behind the waterfall, the river had eaten deep into the valley and between the boulders making this short stretch a narrow gorge. 

The seclusion from the outside world makes this small area of 100 meters long stretch most romantic.

The sound of the falls, the very cool ambience and the fresh water in this enclosed space is like dream comes true for a trekker.