Waterfalls for the adventurous

Intimidating and treacherous Fall

Lata Nyangung

The fall is also up in the hills along a lower stretches of the Perdak River as compared with Lata Seminyang. Follow the same way as to the Lata Seminyang. A kilometer or so after the Power Station, the track levels off.

The landmarks to watch out for at this point are, {1} the river should be about 200 meters from the track down a gradual slope, {2} you can hear it roaring through the rapids. {3} all of a sudden the river disappears and in its place, a deep gorge with heavily forests jungle.

Descend to the part where the river can be seen. The undergrowth here is sparse.

In the appropriate place, you could faintly detect a used trail. Very soon at the river, you will see a small falls. Only about 2 meters high.

After the fall, the river can no longer be seen. On your right you should be seeing a deep gorge as if you are standing high on a mountain pass looking down. There is nothing to be seen as the river has fallen over a cliff.

We are so used to approaching a waterfall from the front and then to satisfy our curiosity, slowly making our way to the top.

 This time around, it will be funny sensation to approach a fall from its back and go down to see how it looks from the front.

The fall just kept dropping without sight of the bottom. 

Here is a bird's eye view of the fall. From this angle, the fall is down 80 meters and then the next drop out of our view.

Having descended half the distance of fall No.2, the surrounding is a sheet of white colored spray. You can also see traces of vines that helped in our descend to this level.

A close-up of where I was-Going precariously close to where the water was rushing

Go on! It is nice feeling having taken the risk to climb down the steep wall. 

We wouldn't advice you to follow suit unless you have some prior experiences in rock climbing!.

We ran out of film on this trip. Stay in touch for our updates.