Waterfalls  for the adventurous

Sinju Falls

This small but exciting waterfall drops into the Sinju River. This river is the main waterway that guides the newly constructed but semi-completed highway, that stretches from Simpang Pulai to Tanah Rata in the Camerons. For those with keen eyesight, you could see traces of the top fall peeping through the dense vegetation.

There are two steep drops; the top that falls almost vertically for about 80 feet hides itself from photographers.

Picnickers can trek up the lower waterfall of 30 feet drop by walking on the rocky bank.

The water here which have never seen the sun is cold and clear, the area at the base is suitable for bathing only.

Latest announcement confirms that the road will ends at Kuala Berang. We have seen the first 5 kilometers besides Tasek Kenyir paved on 10th January 1999.

Update:- Road construction of the new highway is in progress. This waterfall is along the existing highway, not involved with the road works. The main Sinju River where this waterfall empty into is very badly silted. The picnic area leading to the waterfall is abandoned. Debris's from flash flood filled the picnic ground.

The waterfall was still there!